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BEAU/KAMMY ish..back?


Alas, I've been gone for quite awhile, 'amirite?'
I've been shipped off to a program that's so immersed in creativity and talent that I hardly know where to begin. It's an odd thing, really. During my first week I was convinced that I'd be shut into a corner by artistic know-it-alls that would put me to shame or would walk into a culvisack of teeny-bopper fanfiction writers who didn't know the first thing about fiction. Oddly enough, I met about 82% of the first interpretation. Again, it's weird xD This program called 'InnerSpark' is an enormous thing that's broken up into individual departments. Also, please excuse my grammar, punctuation, descriptions, etc. I only have a few minutes in our Library's computer lab before my department's scheduled to head off to a faculty performance..thing. Well, what else can I say in this eensy, weensy few minutes that I have to spare?

*Everyone here is physically and mentally attractive
* This place has insanely good food
*Time stands still here
*The only downsides are that some people are a wee bit childish and others are egotistical/MEGA control freaks
*You're able to make a new friend every single day..or a group of them
*Departments = Creative Writing, Music/Voice, Theater, Visual Arts, Animation, Dance

CW = Bookworms/Friendly/Lone-Wolf complexes from time to time
M/V = Eat in packs

..more to come on that note.

As for everything else..Fanlib's ending? Lmao! What the hell, Fanlib Gods? As soon as I figured that I would drop a few much needed reviews for people, it decides to permanently shut down on me. Does anyone have any idea why this is suddenly happening? Bah, it just goes to show that Good Things DO come to awful ends every once in awhile.

All right, kids.
It's 3:25..and I've got to jet for this faculty thing at 3:30...


All righty, I've been reminded from a few of ya's that I've been absente' for a bit xD
Well..you know how parents are. My mother decided to restrict me from getting on the computer for a number of reasons. However, MUAHAHAHAHAA...I officially have my very first and own lap top now, so bring on the endless hours online I say! <33333

..Mmm, what's new?
I logged onto Fanlib today. 
*New reviews/comments
*New messages
*New underdeveloped stories from teenie boppers to review

Then, of course, I had a few authors complain about how to 'Not' critique their stories/OC's..bitching about how I didn't have any 'right' to. Lmfao. I let them all have the Beau-Hammer as always. 


--Anything else? 
Well today..even though it TWAS' my birthday, my mother dragged me around town to buy random and needed crap for my dorm when I get shipped off to my Creative Writing program in two days. She wanted to be prepared and have everything packed. But all I wanted to do was get fat and eat cake....<3

Which I did, eventually. 

I also found it a bit funny how the friends that I HARDLY talk to managed to remember my birthday via IM or text message, but all of my close friends squabbled and babbled around to try to remember that today was the day. HILARIOUS, right? I don't blame them, but at least they can't argue with me about not remembering their birthdays. I don't remember the EXACT day of most of them, but I DO remember the week and the month that they reside in..so HA! XD

Next up--I proposed an OC Workshop thread in the Site Discussion section on le' Forums. I have no idea if it's going to work, as mentioned earlier..but what the hell. At this point, with all of the crap OC's flying around in fanfiction--ANYTHING is worth a try to help them out. 

As for anything else for me to rant about--


I miss my baby...
/semi-boyfriend shipped off in Vegas instead of being in LA that is. 

>>>>>...That's him:

*sobs* ^I'm going to shop him like crazy..just watch. Lmao <3


*descends into madness while staring at the stars above*

Oh right...I turned 17. 


Daring, this is your fault...again xD

A few minutes ago, I started to browse through Fanlib's Forum archives. I was bored, felt like playing Mr. Helper to younger writers, and thought that I'd make a thread in the Site Suggestions area for an, "OC Workshop." (I'll probably still do it). But alas, I'd figure that if I 'did' create a new thread promoting the idea, I'd flag down people saying, "But wait--Don't we already have a thread like that about Mary Sues?"..Sighing madly, I decided to investigate the thread, and skimmed it for posts that high lighted my idea. 

Near the bowels of the ..10th?.. page, I found Monica's lengthy, gorgeous, and informative post about what MAKES a Self Insertion into a Mary Sue, and what both were respectively--also 5 starred like always xD

After I read her post, a little 'light bulb'-thing went off in my head. I read something in her post along the lines of how authors COULD be capable of making a proper self insertion without bending the laws of gravity in the fandom and such. Since I've already conducted a story on Fanfiction.net that 'could' be considered worthy of that avoided transition---I thought 'What the Hell?' and have decided to try posting 'Unexpected Chemical' on Fanlib. 

....I'm going to expect my friends there to swarm around it after a few weeks, critique it, and carry on. 
I don't know..should I? I'm always looking out  in the field for -improvement-..but I'll be honest in saying that I'm a bit embarassed by  posting something so..childish?

It was a story made to feed the dynamic and monsterous fangirl in my head. 
She's rampaging and wants a story--so I made us one. 

Next to that, I want to challenge the assumption that common Self Insertions easily develp into Mary Sues. 

Heheheheh. Monica, I'm a 'rare breed', right? 


*picks up fictional Trident, and scurries over to post my story into Fanlib's archives.*
The tag thing will come later, I say! Lol, I'm still new to this thing. 

*exempts self xD*

1) Fact: I generally spend from 4 to 5 hours on the computer a day
2) Quirk: I'm the fastest food eater on this side of 'Californeeway'!
3) Fact: I develop and throw crushes into the garbage at the drop of a hat
4) Quirk: I can forge signatures with ease.................................<3
5) Fact: I have a little wistful Marilyn Monroe mole above my left eye
6) Quirk: I know 70% of the Spice Girl's songs by heart
7) Fact: (damn, I wanted to keep going!) I use the terms, "lmfao/lmao/lol" more often than necessary 

Bonus Round: *I text in full sentences*

lmao! ^o^

Perfection, Perfection....heavy critique?

 I'm notorious for leaving large, decorative, and honest reviews---mostly to younger writers who are still trying to adapt to my style. 
But, as of today, I've gotten my own fat little serving of my own medicine. 

One of my older pieces of writing that I'd submitted into Fanlib a few weeks ago has been both adored and strongly considered to be dull and revolting. I love the fact that something that old has attracted such a variety of opinion. 

Thanks Beth and Mari! If I kept getting reviews saying, "This is amazing!"-then I'd start to wonder if the world was truly made up of diversity. 

I need a good kick in my ego's pants every once in awhile. 
If I was a perfect writer at only 16--going on 17 xD--Then life wouldn't be as interesting.  

For instance, in a slightly related way--
A few days ago, I decided to enter a contest to make a design for a company's upcoming video game. 
Even though it wasn't a game that matched my style graphically---I said "what the hell?" and gave it a shot. Once I submitted it, I got a review from a wondering member complimenting my work. Then, when I tried to push my submission onto another casual site for graphic design, a more experienced member thought it was absolute crap, and that I 'could have organized my time, and cleaned it up better'--where as his most RECENT work was of horrible quality. Ha! *chuckles*

*sighs* This is what I'm talking about. In a non sarcastic way, it's seriously good for me that I'm getting honesty about what I've shown to all of you. If I can apply what I learn to my future works, then who knows what I can accomplish? I'm always hoping to get better. 

Afterall...I AM a perfectionist ;) . 

Now, if we could only apply their honesty to the hundreds of kids on Fanlib who only know how to give a generic' half sentence of a review, "OMFG I WUB DIS. CONTINUE PLZZZZZZZZZZZ". 

Fanlib needs more constructive criticism floating around. 
My friends and I there can't just be the ONLY ones doing it to help everyone else. 

Anyway, I think I have a few stories to run off and review. 
*hangs head* ....Here we go...>.>

I shall return with another journal esque' entry. 
Monica recently updating her OWN LJ's inspired me to post like a madman. 

xD Not that there's..anything wrong with that, right? <3


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